2016 has, in almost every respect, been a giant, heaving, pulsating trash fire of a year. Still, at least it produced a lot of videogames.

Like, a lot a lot. 4,207 so far on Steam alone apparently, which makes up a ridiculous 38% of the entire Steam library according to data resource and trivia generator Steam Spy.

There are really two ways to spin this, but 2016 is desperately in need of a silver lining, so let’s stay optimistic. That means loads of games! And games are great! So more games are even greater! And thanks to 2016, Steam has so many games, and things are thus even greaterer. Thanks 2016!

(For the pessimists among you: most of these 4,207 games are probably rubbish and/or shovelware, clogging up the Steam library and keeping us all from finding the really great games we should be playing as Valve gets more lax on the barriers for entry to the service. Boo, hiss, etc.)


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