The popular PC survival-crafting game, 7 Days to Die, dropped on Xbox One and PS4 last night. As a lamenter of the lackluster performance I got on my—now infamous—deteriorating gaming laptop, I’ve been ravenous to get my hands on the console version. I grabbed a couple of my Xbox One friends and headed into the wasteland.

When you start the game, you’re given a generous amount of options and customizations for the type of server you want to play on with your friends. Did we want the zombies to run at night? We did. Did we want the modern Zombie experience, where no matter the time of day, the undead hordes hurl themselves at you like rugby players diving into a scrum? No thanks. Maybe later. You can also choose if you want the regular campaign map or a completely randomly generated one. We chose random.

Speaking of maps, the play area is massive; easily ten times the size of the map in Ark. Which makes me hope the devs add some dedicated servers with a higher player count. As of right now, the game limits each server to four players in either PVP or PVE.  You can add your friends to your group through the player menu by clicking on the little ‘plus’ sign under ‘allies’ and then checking the box to track each group member on the map. This is very useful information that took us about an hour to figure out.


“Daddy found himself a duster.” Moses’ voice crackled into my headset. “Although I do like the option to not wear pants.”

Here we are again, Moses and I, in the middle of a beautifully lit field, doing chores. I will say the grinding is FAR LESS punishing than in games like Ark, and you get your basic gear crafted pretty quickly. Ooh, it’s important to note that when you have the materials to craft an item, and there are thousands of them, that item appears at the top of your crafting list. Another pro tip: after you craft your first hatchet, hack a couple rocks to pieces so you have more stone for future hatchets, because by God you’ll need them.

“Their pleasure was steadily mounting into what I can only describe as a state of orgasm.”

The group was beginning to discover that 7 Days to Die falls somewhere between Minecraft, DayZ, and State of Decay, and their pleasure was steadily mounting into what I can only describe as a state of orgasm. Well, except for Moses, who was standing in the center of the campfire, engulfed in flames. Having placed our crafted sleeping bags in our piddly hut, he had once again shed the earthly necessities of food and water. When the morning came, we were planning to seek out better shelter: the horde was only a day away.


It was at this point that I realized my friends and I were hooked. Something about openly discussing your plans for the next in-game day really screams “it’s too late for us.” The crew was locked in. And so we set out into the world, a ragtag band of somewhat armed fools. It wasn’t long before we stumbled upon a used car dealership, busted the metal door down (oh yes, everything in the game is destructible… everything), and set up a wood-spike perimeter on the roof. Our base looked like something straight out of The Walking Dead.  Just a couple of survivors huddling around a campfire, looking out over the wavy green fields, knowing the horde was steadily approaching. Everyone was present and accounted for—everyone except Moses.

“Big mistake shooting that bear,” he lamented. Moses appeared in the distance, running at full speed towards us, a bear three times his size in hot pursuit. “Big mistake.”

“For me, 7 Days to Die works best at night: walled up in your tiny fortress, the flames from your campfire casting flickering shadows on the wall.”

After the bear broke through the lower levels and slaughtered a few of us, we decided to leave hostile animals alone until we were better equipped to deal with them. Besides, it was the night of the blood moon and the horde would soon be upon us. For me, 7 Days to Die works best at night: walled up in your tiny fortress, the flames from your campfire casting flickering shadows on the wall. The tired faces of your comrades, adorned in dusty jackets or wearing nothing but tighty-whities and a cowboy hat. It really makes the whole thing feel authentically intimate; peaceful almost.

The screams of the horde cut through the silence like a hot knife through butter.

Moses stood up and peered out into the darkness. “They’re coming from the north. Lots of them. And they’re moving fast.” We readied our weapons, iron pipes, makeshift bows, and primitive shivs carved from the bones of the undead. This was the 7th day.

To be continued…

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