I know, I know. You think I’m losing it. But I definitly saw him. He was fat, naked, and sitting on a shitty old hotel bed. And he was wearing a giant clown wig. I googled ‘mafia 3 clown’ and nothing came up. Which leads me to believe that the mob is trying to bury this news. They’re fine with the other saucy elements in the Mafia III material we saw at E3: burning crosses, a KKK meeting, massive orgies, bare-knuckle boxing, the Vietnam war, smoky club divas—all of them have been mentioned by the mainstream gaming news. But not that fucking clown. Well, he was real, damnit. He was real.

Below you can find the official (much shorter) E3 trailer for Mafia III, which is totally clown-free. Nobody wants you to know about the clown. It’s like he never even existed. Shit, for all we know he’s wearing cement boots and sleeping with the fish. But you and I, we’re no dummies. Nah. We know the truth about that goddamn naked clown.

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