In a victory for cliché nerds from ’80s high school films everywhere, some of the world’s highest paid basketball professionals have admitted that esports might actually be a thing after all.

Philadelphia’s 76ers basketball team has just gone and bought and merged two esports teams: Team Dignitas and Apex Gaming. The Apex League of Legends team will now play under the Dignitas name, alongside their existing Counter Strike: Global OffensiveOverwatch, and Heroes of the Storm teams among others.

As for the 76ers, they’re basically all about the money. They’ll be stepping in to help Dignitas by “sharing best practices in sponsorship, sales, branding, digital marketing, merchandising, publicity and more.” All of that sounds incredibly dull, but it’s basically good news for anyone who wants to see esports treated more like ‘real’ sports, with all the thrilling corporate interests that entails.