Ever since Koei Tecmo first announced its new Berserk Musou game, we (well, I — it’s very possible I’m entirely alone in this) have been desperate to get our hands on it. Berserk remains one of my chief guilty pleasures, from the original manga through to the latest, gore-ridden anime series, and I want the chance to wreak some of Guts’ insane bloodshed for myself.

Those lucky sods in Japan are getting the game at the end of October, but until now it’s been unclear when the rest of the world might get their hands on it. Now we know: February 21, 2017. Which is ages away.

The game’s also picked up a slightly odd new title: Berserk and the Band of the Hawk. Franchise aficionados will know that’s a bit odd because a) ‘Berserk’ isn’t a character in the show, that’s Guts, and b) the game’s clearly going to cover a lot more than the Band of the Hawk arc going by its new trailer from the Tokyo Game Show. If you don’t know the series, none of will make a lick of sense. But look at how rad it is, and just try and tell me you don’t want to play this: