Good news for people who like prison — namely being inside one and then later not — because indie prison break sim The Escapists is getting a sequel. Funnily enough, it’s called The Escapists 2.

It’s pretty swift work from developer Mouldy Toof, given that the original only came out last year, and has already had expansions and a Walking Dead spin-off. This is a full sequel though, with expanded gameplay and character customization, along with one major new feature: multiplayer. That will apparently include both co-op and versus, and split-screen and online, covering pretty much every base.

It’ll be breaking out of development some time next year, but there’s a trailer right now, revealed over the weekend at TwitchCon. The other big news out of the event was the long-awaited Twitch Prime, an ad-free subscription service that includes an assortment of freebies, and comes rolled in with Amazon Prime.

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