It’s taken long enough, but Britain’s government is finally ready to trigger Article 50 and complete the process of violently tearing itself out of the European Union. Well, in Football Manager at least.

The game’s devs made the surprise announcement today that the latest iteration of the almost sickeningly comprehensive football/soccer management sim has its eye turned to the unpredictable political ramifications of Britain’s most recent act of self-harm.

At some point between two and ten years into the game, players will be told that negotiations for Britain’s exit have begun. A year later, the game details the outcome, one of three options: soft Brexit, hard Brexit, or a middle road that sees footballers given a special exemption.

The outcome will be significant, because it affects which foreign players British teams will be able to recruit, in addition to increasing transfer fees, applying caps on non-UK players, and even adding the risk that existing foreign players may not be permitted to remain.

“We usually try and keep politics out of the game because nobody wants it rammed down their throat,” developer Miles Jacobson said.

“But we were left with an interesting situation this year when the people of Britain voted to leave the EU and it wouldn’t have felt right to leave that out. It’s something we had to reflect in the game.”

You can take our passports. You can screw up our currency. But messing with Football Manager? Could this be the final straw for the embattled British populace?

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