Nina Freeman made Cibele. She’s currently working at Fullbright on TacomaBut she’s also made Bum Rush, and it is not very much like either of those other things.

Billed as “an 8-player car combat dating sim racing game,” Bumrush sees you + friends take on the roles of eight college students who each get a booty call at the same time. But with only space for one of you to get a private bedroom, a race is on to get round town and through your date as quickly as possible. Along the way you can even knock your competitors’ dates out of their cars and pick them up yourself, with threesomes, foursomes, and moresomes all on the agenda.

When I had a chat with Nina about Cibele back in January, she had this to say about it:

“Well I just made a game called Bum Rush as a commission for an event called No Quarter in New York City. We haven’t released the game yet, but we made it for that party, and it’s an eight-player racing game about some college roommates who all have hot dates on the same night, but they can’t all use the room for sex on the same night, so they basically have to race and whoever gets home first from their date gets to use the room. It’s this silly game, and you can steal other people’s dates and take like five people home. It’s a silly little racing game about sex.”

I was totally going to play it this morning so I have would interesting insights for you all, but it’s multiplayer only and everyone I know is at an office with a proper grown-up job where they don’t play videogames, so you’ll just have to pretend I had something really fascinating to say about it.

You can pick it up and name your own price from right now.

bum rush