If you ever wanted another reason to rag on Call of Duty players, here’s one: they briefly united last year in common hatred of one thing. No, not Battlefield, but a dying kid.

Late last year, devs added a special holiday-themed outfit to Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare: the Gingerbread suit. It was garish, childish, and distracting (like CoD!) and players hated it. So much so, that one CoD fan account reached out directly to the game’s director Michael Condrey (clearly an American knock-off Michel Gondry, FYI) to plead with him to not “add gingerbreads.”

It backfired a bit.

Yup, the whole thing was probably the dying wish of some poor kid named Julian, who unwittingly became a games industry hate figure just because he really liked gingerbread and shooting people on the internet. Good job, guys.

Thankfully, (some) people felt a bit bad afterwards. One player was “legit feeling so bad,” another admitted he “feels shit now,” and one YouTuber somewhat poetically said he felt “properly like an asshole man.”