Literally the day after Existential Gamer published a scathing criticism of NBA 2K16‘s misjudged Career Mode, 2K Sports has announced one of the ways it hopes to do better this year: by hiring Michael B. Jordan.

If the name doesn’t ring a bell, think Creed, last year’s addition to the Rocky franchise, though if you’re feeling less kind you might also remember the most recent Fantastic Four. He’ll also be playing the excellently named Erik Killmonger in Marvel’s Black Panther (who I think might be a villain? Just a hunch), but before that he’ll be gracing the latest interactive NBA effort.

He’ll be the also-excellently-named Justice Young, the best friend and teammate to your player character. You’ll rise through the ranks together, and when you’re playing well can use the dual player controls to give him instructions or switch and control him entirely.

It’s part of ongoing efforts to improve on last year’s Livin’ Da Dream mode, directed by Spike Lee, which we (and, to be fair, a fair few other people before us) slammed for being overly restrictive and kind of forgetting that playing virtual basketball should probably be central to your basketball game story mode.

Creed co-writer Aaron Covington is calling the shots this time, and Matt Walsh (Veep) and Hannibal Buress (Broad City) will join Jordan in the cast. The game’s out September 20th on just about every platform you can name, but you’ll be able to get an early taste of MyCareer in the free ‘The Prelude’ demo, which launches September 9th.