Back when I reviewed Firewatch, I was struck by just how much more appealing its virtual nature was than the real thing.

I’m thus pleased to report that, just like the real nature, you can now tramp around Firewatch‘s world for as long as you want, enjoying the view, getting uncomfortably hot and/or cold, and eventually getting tired and fed up and wishing you were at home playing a videogame instead.

That’s thanks to the new Free-Roam Mode, which does basically what it sounds like – with the added benefit of a day/night cycle, rather than having time bent to the whims of narrative requirements.

It’s available now in a free patch, but there’s even better news for PS4 Pro owners, who are also getting a free upgrade to the outside world:

  • Standard PS4 Customers: no change
  • PS Pro Customers with a 1080p Display: enhanced detail distance, smoother loads, and much higher quality shadows
  • PS Pro Customers with a 4K Display: the world is now rendered at WQHD (2560x1440p) and the UI renders at 4KUHD (3840×2160) and you will have enhanced level of detail of a standard PS4

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