We here at Existential Gamer are all about novelty animal-themed dating sims. Whether it’s speed-dating with pugs or reliving high school romances with pigeons, we’ve been there, done that. That’s why Cat President ~ A More Purrfect Union ~ (out now on Steam) had our attention from the moment we laid eyes on it.

From the tildes in the title (colons are so old-fashioned) to, well, literally everything else about the game, it’s pretty clear this is something special. Billed as a visual novel, you play as a campaign manager to one of six cat candidates for President, advising them on policy and election strategy while trying to romance your way between their four furry legs.

Look, I haven’t actually played it. And the trailer doesn’t really fill me with hope. And Destructoid described it as “the type of comedy that doesn’t have any of those pesky jokes to get in the way.” But. But! Cat President ~ A More Purrfect Union. Just let that sink in a little longer. This is the world we live in now.

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