It feels like just yesterday the bombs fell. From the ashes of the old world, Existential Gamer rose, and today we find ourselves a community ten-thousand strong on facebook (yes, we still use fb after the world ends). To celebrate, we’ve siphoned gas from several cars and used this currency to purchase Steam Game Keys. As you can see, they’re all apocalyptic-ish, and it’s our pleasure to remind you of the worst thing that happened to our world by offering these games to you, our magnificent community. Please leave a comment at the bottom of this post to participate. If you want a particular game (and not the others), then feel free to indicate that. Otherwise you’ll be entered to win any of the titles listed below. Entries are limited to one per person, and any multiple-account tom-foolery will disqualify you from the running, so be cool. Winners will be announced in three days (Thursday? Thursday.)



(PC, Mac, Steam OS)

(PC, Mac, Steam OS)


We truly, truly appreciate you guys! Here’s to many more beautiful and strange articles!




UPDATE: The contest is over. Thanks everyone for participating. Congratulations to our 5 randomly-drawn winners! Join us on Facebook and Twitter if you want to join the party (RPG kind).

  • You can participate here!

  • Sean Womack

    Mad Max please! 😉

    • Your entry has been registered, sir.

  • The Average gamer

    i would like wasteland 2
    email at

    • You’ve been registered. Thursday for winners.

  • Magdalena Kolodziej

    Yay! Free games! 😀

    • Yay! You’re officially registered. Winners coming Thursday.

  • Jacquan Cousar

    Can I get Mad Max

    • Your entry has been registered! Winners will be announced on Thursday.

  • Kevin Conrad

    Can I ask for multiple specifics? Nuclear Throne, This War of Mine and Mushroom 11 all look super cool.

    • ✓ ♥

    • Hey Kevin, you are our third winner. Can you send an email to ask ( at ) ? Thanks!

  • Blake K. Pfister

    This War of Mine. Pretty please?

    • ✓ ✓♥

      • Hey Blake. You are our first winner! Send an email to ask ( at ) please.

  • Don Josè La Sida

    wasteland 2 pleaaaaaaaaaaaase, i need

  • Christopher Stumph

    Ooh! A site with likable content giving away free games? Sold!
    (Mad Max would be cool if I get selected)

    • ✓✓♥♥♥

    • Hey Christopher! You are our final winner. Can you please send us an email at ask ( at ) ? Thanks.

  • Shawn Sigurdson

    I would like to enter for Wasteland 2 🙂

  • WeslomPo


  • Qais Syaher

    I would like to enter for either Wasteland 2 or Mad Max
    Also congrats on the 10k likes! 🙂

  • S N

    Congratz and thx for the giveaway!
    All those games are interesting: I’ll let Random() choose 😉

  • Nathan Greene

    Congrats 😀 Ill late fate decide which game I get if i win any!

  • Justin Hinojosa

    Sounds really good to me would be cool to get picked not sure which game i would like

  • Ryan ‘Ryu’ Jackson

    Amazing news about the community growth – if I could choose a game, it’d probably be Mad Max! Now on to 20,000 – let’s take over the world!

  • Bobbles

    This War of Mine or Mad Max would be peachy.

  • Want. (Congrats)

  • Mith

    You´re awesome, guys!

  • Mith

    I love your posts!

  • Woohoo. Entered.

  • Lanaia

    Congrats! Proud of you! And thanks for your generosity!

    • !! <3

    • Hi Lanaia, you are our fourth winner. Can you send us an email at ask ( at ) please? Thanks!

  • Chance Hallaran

    Hey! Congratulations!!! I am so happy for you guys!

    • Thanks! You’re entered to win 🙂

      • Chance Hallaran

        Awesome! Thanks!

  • TheFlerffyBurr

    I would absolutely LOVE either Nuclear Throne or This War of Mine personally!