Hey kid! Yeah, you with the fancy smartphone and the neon sneakers. When you were still in diapers, your RPG forefathers had already written a much cooler version of you, and they called it ‘cyberpunk’. Hell, they even invented the year 2016, but I guess you’re gonna try to take credit for that too.

Anyways, Whalenought Studios, a two-person company based out of Seattle, have successfully kickstarted their follow-up to the old-school fantasy jaunt that was Serpent in the Staglands. This one is a slightly-less old-school CRPG (they’ve moved from pixel art to 3d reminiscent of the late nineties and early naughts) that revolves around an intricate cyberpunk universe. Expect espionage, syndicates, stealth, and turn-based combat with “time-based resolutions” when you visit the world of Calitana, a human colony that was meant to lessen the stress of overpopulation but, inevitably, turned into a lovely dystopian nightmare. The game is called… *drumroll*… Copper Dreams. I love the name. I also love Joe and Hannah, who don’t just develop together, they also parent a cat and are married to one another. We interviewed them back in the day, and it was awesome.

At the time of posting this, their (already fully-funded) kickstarter is 12 hours away from being over, so you can still jump in and join the fun! It never hurts to support indie developers with such strong dedication to world-building.

Oh, and Copper Dreams has a trailer. Here it is: