After entertaining himself at our expense with a slow series of logo teasesMetal Gear Solid impresario Hideo Kojima has unveiled his first post-Konami game. And, surprise surprise, it looks super fucking weird.

Death Stranding, a PlayStation 4 exclusive, stars Norman Reedus (of The Walking Dead) in the pair’s second collaboration, after Reedus was meant to appear in the since-cancelled Silent Hills. Apparently Reedus and Kojima aren’t totally over that whole Konami beef just yet though–the actor celebrated the trailer reveal at Sony’s E3 press conference by throwing some serious shade on Instagram.

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Anyway, Death Stranding. All we know from the trailer is that it features naked people, babies, invisibility, ink, sand, handcuffs, mechanical umbilical cords, dead whales, and levitation. Pretty standard fare for Kojima then.

Is Norman Reedus the mysterious Ludens? Is he secretly a giant mutated baby after all? Does he have any eyelashes? All these questions, and doubtless thousands more, will presumably never quite be satisfactorily answered when Death Stranding comes out. Whenever that will be.

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