Your grandmother was right about those video games of yours—they’re the devil’s playground. Not content with simply making a game about hell, with (known satanic genre) heavy metal in the soundtrack, and using the slogan “Fight Like Hell” to sell it, iD Software has literally pulled some next-level fuckery and embedded satanic symbols inside the spectrographs of DOOM’s aptly entitled track ‘Cyberdemon’. Kotaku is reporting that Youtubers are making videos showing that the numbers ‘666’ and a series of pentagrams are straight up visible in the spectrographs.

*lets out a squeaky little fear-fart*

That’s right, folks. These satan-worshipping evil-doers aren’t even trying to hide their demonic natures. DOOM is the work of the devil, and you better keep your kids away from it (and um, probably off the internet in general… it’s a bad, bad place). Videos:



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