OK, so they probably won’t be including Steve Buscemi’s eyes in Destiny 2. But that doesn’t mean they won’t be doing a whole crapload of other stuff I’m way too excited about. Indeed a good ol’ internet rumor, born on NeoGaf and nurtured on Kotaku, points to some very interesting facts about the sequel to the beautiful and controversial space-shootin’ MMO.

First big piece of (alleged) news: the game will feel like a sequel, not an expansion. This is to my liking and is accompanied by a second piece of news that may not be to everybody else’s liking: your character will probably not carry over. I think this is great. I want to start fresh. Let the whiners whine.

The second piece of (again, alleged) news: Destiny 2 will have what is being termed “play-in destinations” aka planets that “feel more populated with towns, outposts, and quests that are more interesting than the patrol missions you can get in Destiny.” If that doesn’t make you excited, then you probably aren’t a fan of Destiny and why are you still reading this article? Just kidding I have journalistic integrity.

But here’s the cherry on the cake: Destiny 2 will (alllllllegedly) be heading to PC. So that’s pretty big. And will undoubtedly leave me with a real dilemma come 2017.

All in all, it seems the game will be bigger, denser, and have more quests than the first Destiny. Indeed there are 750+ people working on Destiny 2 within Bungie, and they’ve hired at least two other studios to help them (one of which is porting the game to PC).

You can find out more in this Kotaku article and this NeoGaf post.

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