If you aren’t a fan of Destiny, let me TLDR for you: some dude leaked the (alleged) new expansion’s poster on Reddit, and it’s titled ‘Rise of Iron’. There. But for those of you who care about the game, let’s go deeper.

These are weird times, aren’t they? Personally, I’m simultaneously filled with childlike excitement and cynical boredom. I’m excited because I started playing after The Taken King, which this expansion should equal or trump in size. That’s a lot of content, and has big potential under the helm of Luke Smith, the dude who nailed the last huge expansion. On the other hand, I’m cynically bored because the poster only features Saladin, the ominous fellow who runs the PVP mainstay Iron Banner, which is a thing I’ve already seen, already played, and—this is where I’m not very objective—already decided wasn’t for me in the long-term. I’m just not a PVP guy. In Destiny I like to level up and play the story, then go on a couple of raids, then do it all over again with a new class.

What I crave from this DLC is more narrative, new places to explore, new things to fight. Saladin is holding a flaming axe. Maybe we can use axes? There are three wolves. Maybe ‘wolf’ is Destiny’s fourth class? I want to be a wolf who shoots guns. Jokes aside, there’s a lot of lore surrounding the Iron Lords, and I’ll just have to wait for something meatier than a leaked poster to render any kind of judgment. Bungie, when you gonna give me a call and sing me to sleep? We used to be tight like that.

PS: The picture used as the cover of this article is taken from the leaked poster. I compensated for the tilt, fade, and low contrast. This is in no way an ‘official’ image. Those are, however, official wolves. I love wolves.

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