It’s no secret that I like Destiny. At this point I’ve had so many good times with it, that I’ve become highly compromised as a journalist. Weird, then, that the April update did almost nothing for me. See, I’m a story guy. I wanted to quest into the unknown! I wanted to enjoy atmosphere, take in the sights, and level up! I haven’t played Destiny in a while because I feel like I’ve trodden its ground thoroughly. But I’ve been patiently waiting for something new to chew on. Well it looks like my time has come.

What am I talking about? Destiny: Rise of Iron. That’s what I’m talking about. Wolves and snow and shit. That’s what I’m talking about.. An expansion that includes mutated Fallen (a faction in the game), new weapons (including a new weapon type: the hammer), quests, a strike, crucible modes, and a raid. Following John Snow Lord Saladin into a goddamn crevice in a giant wall to storm Castle Black Old Russia with my trusty direwolves regular wolves to kill the White Walkers Mutated Fallen with fire. THAT IS WHAT I AM TALKING ABOUT.

So far we have an official trailer, which I’ve posted below, along with the livestream reveal that happened today, if you wanna go deeper. It’s out September 20th, costs 30 bucks, and they’re trolling the fanbase giving you the new Iron Gjallarhorn if you pre-order. Oh, and they’re shifting to PS4 & XBox One only. Sorry, owners of last-gen consoles.