The latest trailer for Deus Ex: Mankind Divided is here – not that there’s any footage of, y’know, the actual game or anything. Why would they bother with that?

Instead, ‘The Mechanical Apartheid’ is a “Live Action Trailer” (capitalization theirs), giving us a slightly hysterical insight into how the Deus Ex world has changed since the end of Human Revolution – well, for those of you who made it past those annoying boss battles at least. In any case, lots of people are all kinds of into ‘augmentation’ now, but lots of other people are all kinds of not into it, and it’s all going to kick off.

“There are people who say that what is happening is unnatural, that we’re playing God,” says Dr. M. Hastings at one point in the clip. “But people were scared of electricity, and where would the world be without that?”

Take that, Luddites.

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