A tumultuous episode. Jake is the victim of a PSN hacker because he chooses crappy passwords and his account is used to purchase Neverwinter currency. Julian loves No Man’s Sky and Jake is much more resistant to the game. They hash this out for a while until it comes to blows (they blow each other). A new stock market app threatens Jake’s financial stability, and he turns to reddit for help. Big mistake. Meanwhile the fan-made game Pokémon Uranium gets shut down by Nintendo, Sony announces the announcement (!) for the Playstation 4 Neo, the biggest Skyrim mod ever gets released in English (with some weird choice of language), a Russian target-shooting olympic medallist wears a Witcher medallion on her belt, and Ghostbusters… well Ghostbusters was a good game in 2009. Party!

(Credit for the beautiful pixel monkey-soldier we used in the cover image: Derek Yu)