Why aren’t we playing Deus Ex: Mankind Divided? Because Adam Jensen is the equivalent of a Bro who goes to Burning Man. What the hell is Virtual Beggar? A highly dubious mobile game in which you beg… but also throw coins? It’s a confusing game made by Finnish developers and Julian has been playing it too much. The Playstation 4 Slim doesn’t just leak, it straight up ships to some dude in England’s house way before its even announced. Somebody just got fired at Sony. Plus we talk Fable 2, Jake getting into Destiny (?!), the Nintendo 3DS, and a bunch of winter sports games: Snow, Infinite Air, and um… another game that doesn’t sound like a cocaine simulator or a very long fart. Eggpod is here for another week of darkness, jokes, videogames, and tired Jakes who went to FYF (which stands for Fuck Yeah Fest).

(PS: That is Julian on the left and Jake on the right in the article cover.)