It is the calm before the Playstation 4 Neo storm. Jake and Julian sit to chat about the Battlefield 1 Open Beta, the Nintendo 3DS, the dangers of mobile tap games, how Jake once smoked crack by accident with a homeless person, what CD Projekt RED is up to (spoiler: developing Cyberpunk 2077), the upcoming Skyrim remaster, why Duke Nukem 3D was a forbidden pleasure when we were 12, and whether or not World of Warcraft is a thing we should get into this late in our lives. Plus Jake tries to talk about Snowboarding games but Julian doesn’t want to hear it. And Nintendo is serving DMCAs left and right to fan-made games. And we get into the systemic policing of homelessness in Downtown Los Angeles and how it has changed over the last 100 years. YOU KNOW, THE USUAL.