This episode is late because we had to delete our usual Sunday recording. Why? Well it turns out our guest (who works in the gaming industry) might have revealed a little too much sensitive information. No matter, you’re left with Jake and Julian solo again, discussing the Playstation 4 Pro and whether it means Microsoft lost the console wars, how much Julian is enjoying Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, why Jake broke down and bought The Division (again!) and Hitman (a great disappointment) and why in god’s name he used Febreeze on his socks. Also on the menu: the dreamy Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau, the quality of the graphics in Trump’s America, The Sims 4 pornography, and (of course) the existential nausea of ordinariness. Also if you need a guide to being a good person on your birthday, we have you covered. Weirdness ahead.