Want to know how Jake got his PS4 on launch day? Turns out a kid who loves marijuana approached him with a deal he could not refuse. This episode is full of salty tears and blood. Julian and Jake talk about death-row inmates, launching Julian’s Cold Brew, chopping off one’s toe in exchange for an Alienware PC, why Werner Herzog is a magnificent man, and hanging out with forty-somethings in Destiny. Do you want Julian to commit Seppuku on your doorstep? Should Jake become a coffee mule? All of these questions and more on this week’s episode of…


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Julian is a pair of glasses in third transformation. He's on an eternal quest to find the perfect RPG that will solve all his problems.

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  • McGibbletsVanWhite

    I will take that McDonald’s off your hands, Jake. Also, we need to game together. I’ve finally gotten back into Destiny sooooo, yeah.

  • Hilarious!