Questions: do VR headsets look like “shoeshine boxes with ski-goggle straps”? Is No Man’s Sky going to be fun to play? Is Fantasy dying as a genre? Can Kingdom Come: Deliverance really deliver when it comes to coming? Why does Julian always talk so much about Ultima Online and when will he stop doing so? Why does Keanu train so hard and look so cool? Should Jake open the podcast by rapping like a boss or is it cultural appropriation? Is it weird when you roleplay as military in Squad and then get called out by a real Marine? Is American Pie: The Naked Mile the spiritual successor to Saving Private Ryan? Is it ok for Jake to have Weezer as a favorite band and Ghostbusters as a favorite movie? Should he still be allowed to date? Is the new Ghostbusters trailer a misogynist piece of garbage, a feminist masterpiece, or just another boring reboot? SO MANY QUESTIONS AND ALL OF THEM ARE ANSWERED BY TWO SPECIALISTS ON THIS BEAUTIFUL PODCAST.