Jake’s been having dreams. Dreams in which he bends his controller until the plastic splits. Dreams about Dark Souls 3. We get into his sadomasochistic relationship to the game, and what turned him from a ‘casual’ to someone who’s probably going to finish it. We also have Nick Moore on the podcast, an electrician who goes to Street Fighter 5 events just to watch, and is a fan of JRPGs and Nintendo in general. He talks to us about growing up legally deaf, and finding out it’s a neurological issue rather than a physical one. He also talks to us about Final Fantasy IV, Dragon Quest: Hand of the Heavenly Bride, and Chronotrigger. Julian discusses the Playstation Vita and his unexpected love for the JRPG / dating simulator / murder mystery Persona 4 Golden. Also, what’s up with this Playstation Neo thing? What effect will murdering someone in VR have on a child’s brain? Is Capitalism an artificial intelligence? All of this and much, much more weirdness on this week’s episode of the Existential Gamer Podcast.