Double digit birthday episode with Jake Siegel, discussing Massive Multiplayer games and what gets each personality type hooked on their particular versions of the genre. What gives each of us a sense of meaning? How do progress mechanics interact with our psyches? We discuss Destiny, The Division, Elder Scrolls Online, Ultima Online. Jake argues that NBA 2K is more of an MMO than Destiny (he’s wrong) and that Destiny is not technically an MMO (he’s probably not totally wrong). The two gentlemen also discuss murdering future podcast guests, sucking at football in high-school, crying on the highway listening to dead rappers, the possibility of pirating Warner Brothers movies by launching an online streaming service (great idea), and the story of how Destiny’s entire story-line got scrapped and Frankenstein’d back together into the somewhat incoherent mess it is today. Also explored is the master key for understanding the entire universe: Julian’s theory that Everyone Is Building One Game. Plus: is there a correlation between being good at Bloodborne and being successful in life? Jake thinks so. God this summary is long. Just listen to the episode. <3


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Julian is a pair of glasses in third transformation. He's on an eternal quest to find the perfect RPG that will solve all his problems.

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