PUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENT: It’s official, Existential Gamer is launching a podcast! Now you can put our cloying voices into your ears and transport us wherever you go. We are compatible with bathtubs, treadmills, buses and other forms of public transportation, heavy machinery, driving too fast on the highway, driving too slow in the bike lane, and fishing for Sea Bass. Please DO NOT use us for the following purposes: any kind of lovemaking, cleaning out your fridge, baths during which you plan to let the water get cold, and if you are carrying an endoparasitoid extraterrestrial species (known by some as ‘xenomorph’).

Yours truly will host (hi my name is Julian Feeld) and our first episode features friend and fellow gamer Peter Kassel, lover of 8-bit music, JRPGs, and staunch Katamari advocate. We talk about all kinds of things, including City Hunter, the boring boring Protoss, creating characters in RPGs, Path of Exile, the pro’s and con’s of RNG, Steam ‘between games’ anxiety, and whether or not 2015 was a good year for gaming. We even crown our own personal favorites. Oh and Peter teases me for creating serious, roleplaying characters, and I tease him for knowing what a ‘burpie’ is.

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Annnnnnd so: