Julian and Jake ask The Division: who are we taking back New York for, and who are we taking it back from? They hope there’s a twist there, because otherwise it just seems like we’re all going to be shooting disenfranchised citizens in hoodies. The two then discuss the game’s possible evolution over the next 3 DLCs and beyond, and their experience playing the Beta (including the little-mentioned sci-fi elements). Don’t worry, they avoid spoilers. Other topics include: storing one’s dreams in a Rich Text file and partying with “LPs” (little people) on the set of American Pie: The Naked Mile. Oh, you mean you didn’t know Jake was a star in that movie? Well now you do. Jake also outlines a distressingly elaborate gambling strategy involving old ladies and slot machines. What this episode’s REALLY about though, is two grown men drinking enough Cold Brew to kill a pony and then talking at each other like cocaine freaks poring over a bad business plan.


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