We challenge Donald Trump to buy Nick a PS4. Jake finishes Dark Souls 3 and is worse for the wear. There be Fight Clubs in Dark Souls 3 and we have super real stories about participating in them. We also road-test Blizzard’s new Overwatch. We yearn to live inside Studio Ghibli’s ‘steam room’ in VR. Persona 5 has a trailer! We want to move into that trailer park! Nick struggles to kill eagles in Final Fantasy 4. Julian fails as the party leader. The team discusses their idea for a Final Fantasy app called ‘Grinder’. DayZ gets a HOT new renderer. Obsidian of Pillars of Eternity fame are preparing to release Tyranny, an RPG in which Evil Won, Dude, Which Is Way Way Controversial. Also this podcast isn’t for the faint of heart. Hear ye, hear ye, it contains horrifically sexual jokes made by three humans.



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Julian is a pair of glasses in third transformation. He's on an eternal quest to find the perfect RPG that will solve all his problems.

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