The podcast gets an audio make-over! DOOM gets ordered on Amazon by Julian! Uncharted 4 costs Jake a pinky, his watch, and half his wardrobe! We discuss both of these new releases. Meanwhile Firaxis has announced Civilization 6! Julian and Nick are excited, but Jake wants to ruin the game by adding ‘action’ to it and desecrating Sid Meier’s legacy. Nick has finally defeated all the elementals in Final Fantasy 4, Jake has been playing the new version of DayZ, and Julian can’t stop Diablo‘ing with British professor Alfie. Want to play with him? Add him on PSN. Oh, and have you seen Green Room, the movie in which Jean Luc Picard of the USS Enterprise is turned into a neo-nazi villain? Would you recommend the movie to a 16-day-old kitten? Too late, the kitten already watched it. Marijuana sponsors the podcast. Shakespeare writes very specifically about limbs. Jake’s voice is like honey for your ears. And the usual madness, sadness, and radness that is the Existential Gamer Podcast.