Our most personal episode yet. On the surface of episode 4 of the Existential Gamer Podcast, we touch upon VR, The Witcher 3 (Peter is finally getting into it), Underrail (surprisingly, Peter doesn’t hate this very Western CRPG), The Last of Us (Julian is late to the party), Bloodborne (Julian is very frustrated)… but beneath this thin veneer, it’s really an episode about two idiots getting to know each other. Yep, episode 4 is about vulnerabilities, porn consumption, using VR to educate callous politicians about refuge camps, and the way Japanese development is shifting models from ‘unfeeling draconian corporate structure’ to ‘somewhat less draconian corporate structure’ in which fans are asked what they want. Oh and the episode features a stuffed pink flamingo and some pink and blue rabbit paws. At one point Peter tries to start the podcast over, but his efforts just degenerate into laughter. Enjoy (and subscribe)!