Finally we put the ‘existential’ in ‘Existential Gamer‘! This week’s podcast touches on the cognitive dissonance needed to remain entertained in a world full of suffering, a point about which the ever-optimistic Peter thinks Julian is being a big party pooper. They chat about their latest obsessions, including Julian’s new (and unexpected) love for Destiny, their mutual excitement surrounding Ubisoft’s upcoming MMO shooter The Division, Peter’s forays into Underrail (and maybe even enjoying The Witcher 3!) and their ongoing disagreement surrounding Valkyria Chronicles. Peter admits it’s pretty weird that a character gives birth to a baby from inside a tank, but definitely does not agree that the whole game is a love letter to old-fashioned German fascism. Then they discuss the relatively esoteric question of what each of us seeks in a game (how do we want to feel while playing? what functions do games have in our lives?) Of course most of the episode is still nerding out about video games, so don’t be too daunted. But yeah, the plot thickens! Tune in, turn on, and don’t forget to go deep with your two favorite jerks! That means subscribe to the Existential Gamer Podcast. And rate us on iTunes.