Happy Birthday Street Fighter 2! Peter and Julian retrace their history with the mythical fighting game, discovering childhoods filled with Mothers Who Disallowed Fighting Games (for Julian) and Older Korean Kids Who Took Pleasure In Destroying Me On The Arcade Version (for Peter). To be completely honest, this segment of the podcast also touches on an imaginary Reality Television show that might feature a half-naked Peter killing a thousand gerbils in a giant cage (of course). Then they tackle the foundational ideas of Existential Gamer, including Gonzo Journalism and the questioning of Video Game Reviews… which leads to discussions of The Witness, Rise of the Tomb Raider, XCOM 2, Destiny, and Bloodborne. Before you know it, we’re forcing Peter to discuss Video Game Music vs 8-bit Music vs Chiptune in the span of 12 minutes. But hey, if you’re looking for a guide to those genres, Julian becomes the student, and Peter the master as he leads his cherubic counterpart into a Brave New World. This episode is brought to you by caffeine: making us sound like we’re on meth since 1912. Skate (subscribe) or die!