Jake Siegel jumps on the podcast to speak with Julian about his experience doing QA for Activision on the Guitar Hero series, including his gratitude for the Aerosmith and Steely Dan (?) tracks. They then touch on what it means to “race for pinks” in the street racing world, which leads the two into a discussion of Jake’s experience writing for a famous car game that may or may not rhyme with “Deed for Seed”. Is saying “on fleek” still cool? Is that what teens say? Who cares. Julian then interviews Jake about growing up with a gamer Dad and a Mom who thinks games are “a waste of time”. This story involves betrayal, a ” beefy PC” hidden in an attic, and Metal Gear Solid. They get into Jake’s SEGA childhood (Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker, Todd’s Adventures in Slime World, Mortal Kombat’s “blood code”, the unsatisfying mechanics of coin pickup in Sonic…), being a kid who “blows at sports”, and his deep, dark, twisted relationship to DayZ (both in the Arma II and standalone days). FIESTA!