Bethesda dropped a pretty major bomb at its E3 conference yesterday: Fallout 4 is coming to VR.

Not just a demo, either. The full Fallout 4 experience will arrive on the HTC Vive some time next year, though who knows how they plan to condense the game’s UI and menus into a VR-friendly form. Though since post-apocalyptic VR is basically what original Fallout creator Brian Fargo said he wanted to make when we interviewed him last month, we like to think we helped inspire Bethesda here. You can thank us later.

Elsewhere Bethesda revealed that Skyrim is getting re-mastered; Prey 2 is still happening but is now confusingly just called PreyQuake is getting the glossy reboot treatment in Quake ChampionsDishonored 2 exists and looks great; and teased VR DOOM (motion sickness, anyone?) and more Wolfenstein.

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