GTA V is known for plenty of things: violence, misogyny, and a really disappointing yoga mini-game for starters. What it’s not exactly renowned for is a sensitive, nuanced portrayal of the LGBT community, but a new mod might rectify that ever so slightly.

Indeed modders of the game’s PC release have put together the first ever Los Santos Pride Parade, complete with rainbow bunting, ‘Born This Way’ shirts, and scantily clad go-go dancers.

The unofficial, “pro-bono” mod was created as a promo effort for this month’s Stockholm Pride, though the creators have also said it was partly inspired as a tribute to the victims of last month’s shooting in Orlando, with a couple of in-game nods to the tragedy.

If you feel like your copy of GTA V just isn’t gay enough, you can download Los Santos Pride for free (though it’s PC only). And if gay games are your thing, don’t forget Robert Yang’s collection of experimental micro-games, free on Steam now.