Guerrilla Games, developers of futuristic ginger dreadlock simulator Horizon Zero Dawn have just delivered a news speedball: an exciting trailer combined with confirmation of the game’s delay until February 28th, 2017.

In many ways this mixed news really characterizes my relationship to the game (which is in fact an Open-world Action RPG, as far as I can tell):

Pro: strong female character in a post-apocalyptic world with giant mechanical ‘dinosaurs’.

Con: guy’s dumb cheesy voice in the trailer makes me want to take a nap. Also they keep shoe-horning in her Daddy-figure mentor. Why can’t they just give her a strong female role model? Are they scared that going full matriarchy is going to scare gamers away?

Pro: the action seems nice.

Con: I suspect it might be an RPG in the same way that Far Cry is an RPG.

Pro: graphics look real nice.

Con: I’ll probably have to buy whatever new PS4 they make to fully enjoy the game.

The aforementioned trailer is below. Enjoy the narrator’s cringe-worthy voice. (You might recognize it from every single goddamn Michael Bay movie trailer.) On the plus side, we do learn a bit more about Aloy (the main character) and her role as an outcast in her tribal society.

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