Hi everybody. I’ll be wearing these for the next four years. I know, it should be a virtual reality helmet or some other technologically interesting gadget, but I’d rather go for pure white noise and absolutely no visual input, thank you very much. I expect to find, in that place of absolute nothingness, some respite from the world that elected Donald Trump tonight.

I could one hundred percent keep joking here, but a sickening sense of all-pervasive dread is filling my limbs and my eyes sting from keeping them open in disbelief. Even the bizarre dystopias depicted in Black Mirror don’t hold a candle to what happened tonight. Election Night here in the USA has almost dulled the anticipation I have for the Playstation 4 Pro release on Thursday. Almost.

Fine, maybe I’ll wait a little longer before I strap into the Hibermate and envelop myself in its eternal darkness. But only ’til after Horizon Zero Dawn, ok? And maybe like… Mass Effect 4. Ah fuck it, let’s keep playing video games together and loving each other, ok? Oh and please, please give an extra helping hand to anybody who’s going to have a tough time over these next few years, namely: women, people of color, members of the LGBT community and immigrants. Reach out and let them know you love them.

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