It looks like Allison Road, the promising horror game that inspired innumerable comparisons to P.T., is no more.

The cancellation was announced on Twitter (just above this line, you can’t miss it) with the promise of a full statement to come. We were too impatient for your news-hungry clicks to wait that long though, so we’re writing about it now. Look forward to us following this up in a few days with the statement, desperate for any excuse to wring two posts out of a single news story.

The project, from British developer Lilith Ltd., first appeared a year ago with a 13-minute prototype, at which point everyone decided it was basically just P.T. all over again and the gaming press mutually agreed to never write about it without shoehorning a P.T. mention in there somehow. That’s especially fitting now, of course. Just as P.T. was the teaser for the subsequently cancelled Silent Hills, so Allison Road has been cancelled, confirming once and for all that it really was P.T. all along. P.T.