Games are getting cooler, man. Devolver Digital—curators of such wonderful indie titles as The Talos Principle, Enter the Gungeon, Dropsy the Clown, Broforce, and Downwell—have just picked up a new title called Absolver. Developed by Sloclap, a Parisian studio composed of ex-Ubisoft employees who’ve worked on big titles like Watch_Dogs and Ghost Recon, Absolver looks to be a new genre altogether.

Try to wrap your head around this one: an MMO fighting game with a narrative and co-op PVE dungeons; PVP arenas in which players fight each other with highly-customizable, melee-only attacks; all set in a fantasy-meets-martial-arts universe… seems ambitious. Consider my ears officially pricked!

The game has a 2017 planned release. The reveal trailer is ominous and full of masks and punching:

2017 is officially gonna be a big one for Devolver, with many games slated for release, including Eitr, the official ‘game I’m most excited for because it looks like a beautiful pixel-art ARPG featuring a female Norse warrior’. Plopping the gameplay trailer for that game in here too, just cause:

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