Hideo Kojima, over-twitterer and Metal Gear Solid original-daddy, has now revealed that ‘Ludens’, the dude based on the astronaut based on the logo Kojima revealed a few months ago, appears to be a human being. Accompanying quote: “I’ll keep coming.” Also Ron Jeremy’s catchphrase. Just sayin’.

This might be the main character from Kojima’s next game (the first of his newly formed Kojima Productions after his departure from super-nice-and-forward-thinking corporation Konami). Or it might not.

All I know is ‘Ludens’ does not seem to have any eyelashes. Is he in fact just a giant mutated baby rat in a space suit? Possibly.

One thing is for certain: Kojima and his buddies over at Kojima, Kojima, & Kojima are working on a game for Playstation 4 and PC. It’s gonna be an action game. And they hope it will lead to other games set in the same universe.

Are you excited?

Here’s the original logo revealed by Kojima Productions:


And here is the latest image of ‘Ludens’:

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