For a series that was all about player choice and diverse character options, the original Mass Effect trilogy was awfully attached to its grizzled, shaven-headed, white, male Shepard when it came to promotional materials. (He wasn’t quite our beloved Standard White Male Model, but he wasn’t far off).

That looks set to change with next year’s Mass Effect: Andromeda though. In the sort-of-trailer sort-of-behind-the-scenes-video that EA revealed during its E3 press conference we got our first good look at what I’m going to go ahead and assume is the game’s protagonist and, shock-horror, they’ve picked a woman for their default promotional model. Heck, she might even be a woman of color, unless that’s just the lighting. You go, BioWare!

Of course, players are expected to be able to set any gender and look for their characters in the final game, but the version that EA choose to market the game makes a statement–and picking a woman says a lot more than picking another generic white dude.

As for the rest of their conference, EA showed off a lot of Titanfall 2, including its single-player campaign; revealed three years of plans for Star Wars games; and launched the EA Originals strand for indie games, starting with arty wilderness adventure Fe.

Mass Effect: Andromeda is out in early 2017 (oh, and looks totally ace, by the way), so we might have a while to wait to find out more.