‘Tis the season for slightly forced spooooky DLC and in-game Halloween events, and the folks behind asymmetrical multiplayer slasher game Dead by Daylight have taken this a tad literally: they’ve just released the game’s official Halloween DLC.

That’s Halloween as in the iconic 1978 John Carpenter film, with oodles of murder, William Shatner masks, and Jamie Lee Curtis (or is that Scream Queens?). Anyway, Michael Myers and Laurie Strode have both joined the game as playable characters, one a killer and the other a survivor (no points for guessing who’s who), along with a new map based on the film’s suburb of Haddonfield, Illinois.

If you didn’t know, Dead by Daylight is a multiplayer PC title where one player steps into the shoes of a serial killer while four others are their hapless victims, whose goal is to survive and escape. The Halloween DLC is available to purchase as we speak for $6.99.

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