If you’re looking for something to fill the deep, unrelenting games void, aka “July,” Cryptic Studios has some good news for you… us… me.  Neverwinter, the MMO based in the D&D universe and met with mostly favorable reviews is coming to PS4 this month.

The game releases on the 19th of this month (too far away!) and will be free for all Playstation users, but if you’ve got that thing inside you that claws at your stomach lining until you feed it a 100+ hour RPG, you can purchase the Onyx Head Start Pack on July 12th for twenty bucks.

The consensus on whether the game is pay to win seems to be pretty evenly split.  Some claim that they’ve earned everything in the game without spending a single ruble of real monies, while others maintain that the PvP aspect of Neverwinter is significantly compromised with purchased items.

Full disclosure: I downloaded the game when it came out on Xbox last year.  I totally dug the look and feel of the world, but the Xbox One’s performance was terrible.  I’m hoping that Neverwinter benefits from an additional year in development and the processing power of the PS4; in fact, I’M COUNTING ON IT.

At the very least, everyone seems to agree that the game’s first 100 hours are highly enjoyable.  Throw in a generous helping of deep fried expansions, including Strongholds: a guild housing and PvP expansion, and you’ve got a man totally willing to pay money to play a free game a week early.  This man will also convince two, maybe three of this friends to do the same, and they will love (despise) him for it.

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