Do you like dumps? No, not those kinds of dumps. I’m talking about Wikileak-style document dumps on the internet. Or scans of 145 issues of Nintendo Power being dumped on (Thanks for the heads-up, VG247!) What’s Nintendo Power, you ask? Well children, gather around and let me tell you a story about the golden age of Nintendo, an era during which they put out their own magazine featuring what often looked like knock-off versions of iconic characters. Like a drug-addled plumber called Mario, a David Bowie celebrity look-alike called Link, and a Man who is more Mega than all other men. Plus in the 90’s there were some pretty bonkers advertisements. Nintendo was trying very, very hard to be ‘cool’ back then.

We’ve selected some amazing things for you below:







Nintendo_Power_Issue_061_June_1994_0003 (1)


Nintendo_Power_Issue_005_March-April_1989_0000 (1)


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