Nintendo has officially given up on this whole console business, and is instead simply jumping back 30 years to release the NES all over again.

The new NES Classic Edition (or Nintendo Classic Mini for those of us in the UK) is a teeny tiny palm-sized NES that comes pre-loaded with 30 games from the vintage console’s heyday, because re-released old games is just so much less effort than making new ones.

It’s USB-powered, and plugs directly into a TV via HDMI. It comes with one controller, and you can buy a second or use a Wii U Classic Controller or Wii Classic Controller Pro. You can even plug the new NES controller into a Wii Remote, and use it to play NES games on the Virtual Console, completing Nintendo’s transition into a nostalgia-based economic model.

It’ll launch on November 11th for $59.99, just in time for you to get one as a Christmas present, play it for at least two and a half hours over the holidays, and leave it to forever gather dust while you go back to farming Zubats in Pokémon Go or whatever.

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