Getting your hands on a mint-condition Famicom might sound impossible, but it turns out it only takes one thing: access to Nintendo’s secret storage rooms.

In a new company blog post, someone snuck into a store room in the Big N’s Kyoto headquarters to give us a look at a stack of untouched Famicom systems (a.k.a. the NES for us westerners).


Not only that, they even have a few of the elusive Famicom Disk Systems too — a Japan-only peripheral that used floppy drives for storage (!), launched together with the original The Legend of Zelda.


As you can see, this stuff is in perfect condition.


And they even have a working Famicom Disk Writer tucked away. 3,000 were installed in game shops (hey, remember those?) around Japan, and could be used to write new games to your existing disks.


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