It looks like the Nintendo Switch is about to pull off a major first: it’ll be the first Nintendo home console to ever get a main series Pokémon game.

Reports suggest that the next Nintendo console will boast Pokémon Stars, the follow up to new 3DS titles Sun and Moon, following the established Pokémon model of releasing two titles followed by an expanded third one a few months later.

This will be the first time a set of three has been split across titles though, and will presumably be to allow a bunch of new features in the Switch edition – not least its own set of full HD assets.

Studio GameFreak have reportedly been working on Stars alongside Sun and Moon, though paused development on the title a few months ago in order to polish its 3DS counterparts. It will apparently come out some time late next year.

While an assortment of Pokémon spin-offs have made it onto Nintendo’s home consoles before, the main series has always been handheld-only. Then again, with the Switch sitting somewhere between the two, it makes sense that this would be the first time the series has made the jump.

This also fuels speculation that the Switch is intended to succeed both the Wii U and the 3DS, merging Nintendo’s handheld and home console lines into one going forward – not that you’d expect Nintendo to confirm as much any time soon, for fear of cannibalizing 3DS sales.

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